Tips & Tricks

How to survive being an international

As an international student, navigating Dutch culture and the VU campus in particular can be challenging. Four students that went before you share the tips they wish they had gotten themselves. read more

This is how you make new friends

People can tell you to ‘just be yourself’ all they want, but when you’re breaking a cold sweat on a crowded campus square you might want advice that’s a bit more specific.  read more

Write a paper overnight

How things got this far – fear of failure, alcohol, or procrastination – is none of our business. The point is that you’ve got just one night left to write an essay. Ad Valvas explains how to do it, without recourse to cut-and-paste. read more

How to find a room in one week

If you’re looking for a room in Amsterdam, you need to be patient. read more

Dutch words international students should absolutely know

Check out some of the most useful Dutch words in our mini-dictionary, and gain some important cultural insights while you’re at it! read more

No, you are not stupid, you just have to study smarter

Oh, no! I failed an exam or assignment, and now I feel stupid. What should I do? read more