Tips & Tricks

This is how you make new friends

People can tell you to ‘just be yourself’ all they want, but when you’re breaking a cold sweat on a crowded campus square you might want advice that’s a bit more specific.  read more

Write a paper overnight

How things got this far – fear of failure, alcohol, or procrastination – is none of our business. The point is that you’ve got just one night left to write an essay. Ad Valvas explains how to do it, without recourse to cut-and-paste. read more

How to find a room in one week

If you’re looking for a room in Amsterdam, you need to be patient. read more

Dutch words international students should absolutely know

Check out some of the most useful Dutch words in our mini-dictionary, and gain some important cultural insights while you’re at it! read more

No, you are not stupid, you just have to study smarter

Oh, no! I failed an exam or assignment, and now I feel stupid. What should I do? read more