‘Disturbing that Africa should contribute to compensation for slavery’

Historian Wybren Verstegen claims that Africa should also contribute to compensation for slavery. 'Irresponsible and insenstive', says PdD candidate Michael Davies Venn.

Shouting together strenghtens the message

When universities and students work together, the message to The Hague will become more powerful, says USC-chair Joep van Dijk.


Demanding a sustainable curriculum

There is a need for sustainability courses to be a part of every study program at the VU as soon as possible – be it in computer science, dentistry, or social science, finds Jelske van der Burg.

Why was a Freedom of Information Request necessary?

In the wake of Amnesty Report and a FOI request submitted by The Rights Forum, there has been a lot of commotion, confusion, and utterly ridiculous accusations of antisemitism. But who, alongside The Rights Forum, supported the original FOI request? What was contained in that request? Dutch Scholars for Palestine and Various Student Groups in Solidarity with Palestine wish to clarify these matters.

Women's equality won't be achieved by scrapping gender-neutral language

Binary language cannot solve the gender problem. In order to address an academic culture structured around masculinity, much greater changes are needed, finds Postdoctoral Research Associate Saartje Tack.

‘Ladies through gentlemen’, I can support that

The academic world is saturated with male stereotypes. It’s long overdue that those social norms and the accompanying language are extended to include non-masculine identities, finds professor Jacintha Ellers.

VU, stop attracting international students

Internationalising study programmes is occuring at the cost of the precarious living conditions of international students. VU, stop the internationalization as long as the housing situation in Amsterdam is not getting any better, finds student Salma Bel Lahdab.

VU executive board, you are accountable for the homeless students

'The point of the protest #NoRoomForUs was to say clear and loud to the VU executive board: you are responsible, you have to find a solution for the homeless students. Now!' finds professor Paola Gori-Giorgi.

‘Of course VU Amsterdam can always do more to fight racism’

Sad to say, discrimination and racism have not been banished from the VU campus. It is an illusion to think that this can ever happen completely within such a complex and diverse organization. The Diversity Office wants to hear about people’s experiences. As Chief Diversity Officer Ruard Ganzevoort explains, only then we can work on a solution.