VU, stop attracting international students

Internationalising study programmes is occuring at the cost of the precarious living conditions of international students. VU, stop the internationalization as long as the housing situation in Amsterdam is not getting any better, finds student Salma Bel Lahdab.

VU executive board, you are accountable for the homeless students

'The point of the protest #NoRoomForUs was to say clear and loud to the VU executive board: you are responsible, you have to find a solution for the homeless students. Now!' finds professor Paola Gori-Giorgi.

‘Of course VU Amsterdam can always do more to fight racism’

Sad to say, discrimination and racism have not been banished from the VU campus. It is an illusion to think that this can ever happen completely within such a complex and diverse organization. The Diversity Office wants to hear about people’s experiences. As Chief Diversity Officer Ruard Ganzevoort explains, only then we can work on a solution.

Invest in a sustainable post-Covid society

Save the young generation

I don't pay my tuition fees to listen to glorified podcasts

Is online education during corona as good as it used to be? Master's student Nathanael Korfker doubts it