Campus 16 May 2023

SRVU starts book exchange

Besides the monthly clothing exchange, student union SRVU now also has a book exchange in the Studentendok.

The amount of places where you can get your read on outside of the official library continues to grow. Not long ago, a mini library popped up in front of the blue Bellevue building, and the Pantheon next to the auditorium in the main building. Now the book exchange by SRVU has been added to the equation. Simply said, it’s a nicely filled bookcase where you can grab whichever book piques your interest.

The initiative is a part of ‘project Omboeken’ by the university library, which seeks to give the university's underused books a new life. Currently, the bookcase has various books from SRVU available, but on June 13 they get to sift through the university’s books in order to supplement their supply.

As accessible as possible

The book exchange is open for everyone. According to its initiator Dick Stuut of the SRVU, it would be nice if people replace the books they take out. However, it’s fine if they don’t. “We’re not the police officer who will check if people put something back. We want to keep it as accessible as possible.”

And speaking of playing police officer: the donation bin for the clothing exchange is back in the Studentendok. It was recently removed because donated clothes kept going missing, but according to Stuut that is no longer happening.

Nour Khamis
IMAGE: Nour Khamis


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