Campus 09 September 2022

Person died after falling in NU building

A person fell from a great height in the NU building on Friday afternoon around half past four. Emergency services rushed to the scene to perform CPR, unfortunately to no avail.

Several police cars and ambulances are parked in front of the NU building. Officers walk around inside, there is a white sheet on the floor. Students and other visitors are kept at a distance. "It was very busy, so it is very unfortunate that many students had to see it," said a police spokesman. They investigate three scenarios: that of suicide, a fatal accident or a crime. "But we don't necessarily have a reason for that third scenario."

A student outside the NU building was studying there and saw everything happening, just like many others around her. According to the student, someone immediately started shouting that the person needed to be resuscitated. The building was evacuated. After being evacuated, the student went to the Wellbeing Point & Panel to seek support.

You can talk about suicide anonymously with 113 Suicide Prevention (0800-0113 or The VU also offers student psychologists and a Student Wellbeing Point.

Emma Sprangers
IMAGE: Emma Sprangers


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