Campus13 July 2020

Ventilation is excellent, says VU Amsterdam

Employees and students at VU Amsterdam do not need to worry about the ventilation of the buildings. There is plenty of fresh air and air circulation, according to the on-site crisis team.

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Science03 July 2020

Open access now also available for old publications

Scientists from VU Amsterdam can also provide access to their old publications to everyone. All they need to do is give permission, everything else will be arranged by the University Library.

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Science02 July 2020

‘Women were seen as too irrational to be philosophers’

Philosophy teacher Carlo Ierna has been awarded €50,000 to update the canon of the history of philosophy. “Non-Western and female philosophers have been actively erased from the canon.”

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Campus01 July 2020

VU Amsterdam to get a ‘village’ for enterprising inventors

VU Amsterdam will be getting a start-up village: a place on campus where students or employees can rent office space for launching a business.

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Debate30 June 2020

'More researchers with a migration background at the university’

Universities should focus on recruiting more scientists with a migration background, says Rector Magnificus Vinod Subramaniam.

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Campus01 April 2019

PhD student teaches meditation and Chinese at the VU

A PhD student in artificial intelligence, bioinformatics and philosophy gives meditation workshops and Chinese lessons at the VU every week. For everyone and for nothing. Does Chao Zhang do that to bring a bit of the Far East to the VU?

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Education25 July 2018

'Be an object in an antique store'

Summer is for experiments. At least, according to anthropology lecturer Younes Saramifar. He wants to teach his students how to forget their own background when doing research as an ethnographer. How?

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Education27 July 2017

Refugees tell their stories during Amsterdam Summer School

Captain Youssef has fled from Somalia, guide Tommy from Egypt. The duo is the hosts on the refugee boat tour through the canals of Amsterdam. The tour is part of the VU Amsterdam Summer School course on anthropology.

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Campus22 July 2016

‘Amsterdam is actually very dirty’

So you come to Amsterdam from India, Uganda or Brazil to learn why there is more crime in one place than the other. But after a few days you find yourself enthusiastically counting cigarette butts at the Leidseplein. What happened? "Amsterdam is really dirty!"

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