Science28 August 2020

'A derailing social discussion is a risk factor'

VU Amsterdam will collaborate with Huawei, as was announced this week. Three Amsterdam professors in Computer Science will use an investment from the controversial Chinese technology giant to improve search engines. According to professor Frank van Harmelen, it is really well organized.

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Staff25 August 2020

‘We need to take action on behalf of colleagues on temporary contracts in particular’

Across the country, academics will be cycling between various student towns as a form of protest at the start of the new academic year.

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Participation20 August 2020

‘Corona almost spelled the end for the student council’

The university student council has four members this year who have been council members before. In corona time, last year's board did not find enough new successors.

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Students20 August 2020

Student associations get green light for face-to-face events after all

Student associations will be allowed to host introduction events for prospective members after all. After some initial hesitation, the Dutch government conceded to pressure from the House of Representatives.

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Job market20 August 2020

Young graduates hit hard by contracting economy

With the economy in a slump caused by the coronavirus crisis, unemployment among young graduates and students has increased. “These are not fun times for young people looking for work,” says the chief economist of Statistics Netherlands.

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Society20 July 2020

Foundation for Refugee Students UAF is pleased: more refugees obtain diplomas

Over two hundred refugee students obtained a higher education degree last year. This is a slight increase compared to the previous year, reports the UAF. The foundation is looking for student mentors for the upcoming academic year.

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Science17 July 2020

Scientists hold a bike protest against temporary contracts this year

No big banners, but bring your bicycle spanners! Scientists are planning a protest on wheels for the opening of the new academic year. With the aptly named ‘Tour of Academics’, they want to make a stand against the high number of temporary contracts.

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International16 July 2020

Studying in Scotland set to also become prohibitively expensive

In recent years, hundreds of Dutch students travelled to Scotland for their studies No tuition fees were required until now, but due to Brexit it now costs the proverbial arm and leg.

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Campus16 July 2020

Construction of new research building

The next VU Amsterdam new-build project has begun. The first sheet piling for the construction of the new lab building broke ground this week. Even well before construction began, it became known that the building was going to be a lot more expensive than initially budgeted.

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Science14 July 2020

Emergency letter: extra support needed for young scientists

Due to the coronavirus crisis many young scientists on temporary contracts cannot complete their research on time. In an emergency letter, they have asked Minister Van Engelshoven for financial aid in the form of 350 million euros that they can use to extend their appointment.

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