Internationalization02 November 2020

Coronavirus: more international graduates plan to leave the Netherlands

The Netherlands as an ideal country in which to live and work after graduation? As a result of the coronavirus crisis, students from outside Europe are now less likely to stay after they finish their studies here. A new Nuffic survey reveals that just over half of new graduates are still planning to apply for a residence permit.

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Internationalization26 October 2020

‘International students are missing out’

The university should do more for its international students, says University Student Councillor Ayesha Noorain Rizwan. According to the master’s student Information Sciences from India, corona has affected the international students in a different way.

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Students22 October 2020

‘You are not alone in your solitude'

Students are less likely to say they are lonely. But the corona crisis has put the feeling of seclusion under a magnifying glass. VU Amsterdam must therefore provide opportunities for students to meet each other, says student pastor Riekje van Osnabrugge.

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Science20 October 2020

KNAW: give every researcher a rolling grant

The battle for research funding is out of control, states a committee at the KNAW science association. They believe the solution to relieving some of the pressure is a rolling grants fund, which researchers can access without having to compete with each other.

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Internationalization15 October 2020

Minister critical of the recruitment of foreign VU students

When recruiting international students, VU Amsterdam itself doesn't check whether they meet the criteria, says Minister of Education Van Engelshoven, but according to VU Amsterdam that is not correct. The university also says not to cheat with the application for a residence permit.

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Education15 October 2020

Study delay not as bad as expected during pandemic

Recent months have been tough for teachers and students, and the crisis is not yet behind us, but there is at least one positive – students have experienced only minimal delays to their studies, according to initial analyses.

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Campus12 October 2020

Faculty of Science is introducing face masks

The science faculty is taking extra coronavirus measures: mouth masks, one-way traffic, supervisors and a covenant for trainees. “If we have to close again, the damage is incalculable,” says science counselor Guus Schreiber.

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Science12 October 2020

'1 in 5 PhD students experience undesirable conduct'

From screaming supervisors to professors wanting hugs, many PhD students experience undesirable conduct, warns interest group PNN. Whistle-blowing often yields no results. "It was made clear to me that I would not win anyway."

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Students08 October 2020

Students protest against online education

About 100 protesters have spaced themselves out across Museumplein in Amsterdam wearing face masks, each standing on their own circle. They are students campaigning for more face-to-face education. The police are there to keep an eye on things from the side lines.

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Campus07 October 2020

Participation council and executive board clash over language barrier

The executive board of the VU should do more for international members of the student councils, the central participation council thinks, like hire professional interpretators, translate documents and offer English-language training modules.

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