Staff17 December 2020

Higher education will receive 20 million euros for supporting corona jobs

Universities and universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands will receive 20 million euros from the government to fund 1,200 temporary jobs for up to a maximum of six months each. The idea is to bring some relief to higher education during the coronavirus crisis.

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Education15 December 2020

Campus closed again, except for exams and a few students

Universities and universities of applied sciences will revert to teaching exclusively online again, the Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced during his speech to the nation on Monday evening. But exams and practical lessons can still be held on campus.

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Science14 December 2020

‘Should one always refuse to partner up with controversial companies?’

Huawei, a company VU Amsterdam works with, has tested software on behalf of the Chinese government for recognizing Uighurs – an oppressed Muslim minority in China -as was uncovered by The Washington Post recently. However, nothing has to change for VU Amsterdam, according to Frank van Harmelen, AI professor and one of two Directors of Research at the DReaMS Lab: the partnership between VU Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam and Huawei.

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Science07 December 2020

Scientists attack politicians in KNAW debate

“What do our universities need?” asked activists and managers during an online debate organised by the KNAW science association. The ideas discussed ranged from calls for a strike to criticism of turning a blind eye to inappropriate behaviour.

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Board04 December 2020

Board: confidentiality does not apply to undesirable conduct

Experiences of inappropriate conduct can always be reported, even if a confidentiality statement has been signed. This states the executive board of VU Amsterdam in a letter.

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Politics03 December 2020

Dutch House votes down diversity plans for higher education

There will be no ‘diversity barometer’ in higher education and research and no ‘diversity police’ patrolling campuses, if the Dutch of House of Representatives has its way.

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Internationalization30 November 2020

Government sets rules for cooperation with foreign knowledge institutions

Universities, universities of applied sciences and other knowledge institutions need to improve their awareness of the risks associated with international cooperation, the government believes. Some researchers may no longer be granted visas.

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Campus27 November 2020

VU sends out phishing mail

Last Monday, VU Amsterdam sent out a phishing mail to check how many people would take the bait. Well, it worked.

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Politics27 November 2020

Right-wing parties against action plan for diversity in academia

In parliament this week, right-wing parties clashed with parties on the left on how to combat racism and discrimination in higher education and research.

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Education26 November 2020

Value of diplomas not diminished by pandemic, says Education Minister

In a recent letter to parliament, Minister of Education Ingrid van Engelshoven writes that the coronavirus crisis has dealt a major blow to both the higher education and vocational education sectors. Despite the present concerns, however, the final attainment levels of the programmes remain indisputable.

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