Society11 June 2021

One in every ten female students has been raped during her studies

Around one in ten female students have been penetrated without consent at some point during their time at university, Amnesty International reports. One percent of male students report non-consensual penetration.

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Campus09 June 2021

VU receives 13.5 million euros coronavirus support

To limit the damage caused by the coronavirus crisis, the Dutch universities will receive an extra 162.8 million euros from the government over the next two years. How much of that will go to VU Amsterdam?

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Campus07 June 2021

Anthropology withdraws controversial cartoons

The department of Anthropology has withdrawn two cartoons today that have stirred up controversy. Some employees and people from outside the university saw them as racial stereotypes.

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Education03 June 2021

Furious about another million-euro cut in higher education

They were very much surprised by the cutbacks amounting to 149 million euros, write universities, academic medical centres, universities of applied sciences, secondary vocational schools and students in a letter to Minister of Education Van Engelshoven.

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Education03 June 2021

Higher education has to pay for corona support for students

An unexpected cutback to education funding surfaced in the government’s Spring Memorandum. Student entitlement to financing has been extended, which now leads to vocational and higher education budgets being cut.

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Debate28 May 2021

‘I would like to tell Van Praag: speak for yourself’

VU Amsterdam rejects scientists’ call to boycott Israel. Professor Thijl Sunier signed the petition and believes the university is making a mistake.

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Politics28 May 2021

Conflict between Israel and Palestine causes political unrest in higher education

The recent conflict between Israel and Palestine has led to protests, intimidation and a call to boycott Israeli knowledge institutions.

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Education27 May 2021

Hundreds of millions of corona compensation for higher education

Funding to help limit the damage of the coronavirus crisis has been distributed to higher education and research: in the next two years 284 million will go to universities of applied sciences and 83.6 million to universities; another 162 million will be given to research.

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Science27 May 2021

Worldwide support for intimidated fraud hunter Elisabeth Bik

Dutch researcher and scientific misconduct expert Elisabeth Bik is receiving support from colleagues all over the world now that a controversial microbiologist is filing a lawsuit against her.

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Exchange26 May 2021

‘We are denied making a decision for our own future’

Over a thousand VU students who want to go on exchange have joined forces to make exchanges to so-called orange countries possible. Lina Nasser, second-year bachelor student in Communication & Information Studies, has started a petition.

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