Education19 January 2021

Two good reasons for English-language programmes, or no go

In the eyes of the government, there are five good reasons for maintaining English-language teaching in higher education. Study programmes will have to meet at least two of the five conditions or switch to the Dutch language.

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Politics18 January 2021

This is what the fall of the cabinet means for higher education

The Dutch government was toppled last week by the child benefits scandal. This will have repercussions on higher education because all kinds of draft legislation will be put on the shelf. What, for example, will happen to lotteries for popular study programmes?

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Students15 January 2021

House of Representatives again asks for corona compensation for students

Students should be compensated for study delays caused by the coronavirus crisis, coalition party D66 believes. MP Rob Jetten proposed remediation yesterday in Parliament. Other parties also have concerns about students.

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Education15 January 2021

Universities relax bsa for first-years after all

In view of the coronavirus crisis and the most recent lockdown, the 14 Dutch universities have decided to lower the requirements for binding study recommendations (BSAs) by 10 to 15 percent for the current academic year after all.

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Education15 January 2021

Student councils insist on relaxing binding study recommendations

First year students are already under enough pressure. Don’t leave them out in the cold: lower the threshold for issuing binding study recommendations (BSA) to students who are not on course to pass first year. That’s the message sent by student representatives of eleven universities to their executive boards.

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Science08 January 2021

'The working climate can have major consequences for the integrity of researchers'

Full professors and associate professors feel that the research climate in their departments is just fine. PhD students and postdocs sometimes see things differently, according to a PhD student at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

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Internationalization08 January 2021

International student with technology or IT aspirations? Welcome to the Netherlands!

The Dutch government wants to recruit students from all over the world to come to the Netherlands to study technology and IT, two sectors plagued by shortages of skilled workers.

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Participation08 January 2021

Students and staff should have more say in how their institution is run

The Dutch House of Representatives wants to see new regulations for participation bodies at institutes of higher education.

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Europe05 January 2021

Brexit deal: yes to European research but no more Erasmus scholarships for British students

The European Union and the United Kingdom struck an eleventh-hour Brexit deal at the end of December.

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Staff17 December 2020

Diversity policy focuses too much on women

“More diversity?” In academic circles this phrase often still means “more women”, says Saskia Bonjour, political scientist and member of The Young Academy. Too little is being done for other target groups.

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