Students25 February 2021

Physical classes keep lonely foreign students going

International students are also struggling in these times of coronavirus crisis. Nuffic, the Dutch organisation for internationalisation in education, announced this in a new report. Many of these students feel lonely, anxious or even depressed. But an occasional physical class makes up for this to an extent.

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Science23 February 2021

Academic freedom at risk, warns KNAW

The fierce battle for research funds is having an impact on academic freedom, argues Dutch science association KNAW. Researchers are increasingly being constrained by a spectrum of requirements and conditions.

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Students22 February 2021

1000 euro reduction on higher institutional tuition fees

Students who pay higher institutional tuition fees will also be receiving a coronavirus discount next year. They will not, however, be eligible for the earlier announced fifty percent reduction. For these students the fee reduction has been fixed at about one thousand euros, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science said.

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Education22 February 2021

50 percent tuition fee reduction and relief for junior researchers next year

Students enrolled in study programmes in the past year will receive a 50 percent reduction in tuition fees for the upcoming academic year as compensation for coronavirus disruptions. The contracts of academic researchers will also be extended, and higher education will receive compensation for skyrocketing student numbers.

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Opinion19 February 2021

‘Give researchers a 3 month education break after the pandemic’

Twee organisatieantropologen zien hun onderzoek dieper en dieper wegzakken in een lange winterslaap. ‘Wij krijgen steeds complimenten over onze inzet voor het onderwijs, maar we hebben ook perspectief nodig om ons ingeslapen onderzoek weer wakker te schudden’, schreven Harry Wels en Frans Kamsteeg in een ingezonden brief aan Ad Valvas.

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Education16 February 2021

WOinActie: university staff on the brink of collapse

Minister Van Engelshoven has to move as quickly as possible to ensure that the number of university researchers and support personnel are expanded by 20 percent. “There is a desperate need.”

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Campus11 February 2021

VU students miss their fellow students

Almost all students of the VU Amsterdam worry about their mental and social well-being, according to a survey conducted by the VU.

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Education11 February 2021

House motions a tuition-free corona compensation year

Many students are falling behind in their studies due to the coronavirus crisis. The House of Representatives has just adopted a motion allowing them to enrol in an extra year of university free of charge. But it is too early to celebrate.

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Money11 February 2021

You can buy 24 billion bapao rolls from the national student debt

The total student debt in the Netherlands is over 21 billion euros, but how much is being added every second? And what could you buy with all that money? On the National Debt Metre website, you can see the figures getting bigger and bigger by the second.

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Science09 February 2021

Research into gender bias: 'Peer reviews are not the issue’

When it comes to the number of publications, female scientists are still lagging behind their male counterparts. A large study has revealed that this difference cannot be explained by the peer reviews of scientific journals.

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