Campus16 March 2021

No Bratwurst for Rector Subramaniam

Student organisations and members of the executive board and people from Student and Educational Affairs got together for some bingo and chit-chat and it was pretty hilarious.

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Students16 March 2021

Tuition fee for new first-years only 542 euro

First-year students will pay only €542 in tuition fees for the next academic year: a quarter of the standard rate. This decision by the Ministry of Education represents almost 100 million euros.

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Campus12 March 2021

VU wants to use rapid tests to help open up society

The rapid testing, which the VU will start next week, does not mean an immediate loosening of the coronavirus restrictions on campus. Nevertheless, it is important that invited students participate, says Marcel Nollen of the Executive Board. "This way we can contribute to opening up the whole of society."

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Campus11 March 2021

Rapid testing on campus sounds easier than it is

Are rapid tests going to help students return to campus this spring, as the government had hoped? This remains very much the question, because trials of these lateral flow tests seem to be requiring more time.

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Education09 March 2021

Lockdown continues for higher education

Higher education will continue under the current restrictions until 30 March, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister Hugo de Jonge said last night in their press conference. But after that the door might be opened a crack.

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Students09 March 2021

Figures CBS: young people's wellfare unchanged in 2020

Students are suffering psychologically from the coronavirus crisis – that’s the conclusion of one study after another. But according to Statistics Netherlands (CBS), the number of young people with psychological problems did not rise significantly (again) in 2020.

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Campus08 March 2021

Possibly back to campus in the spring thanks to rapid tests

Minister Van Engelshoven expects that some students will be able to safely return to campus thanks to rapid testing for coronavirus. According to the daily Trouw, the government has huge numbers of such tests ready to go.

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Students01 March 2021

Will you be getting coronavirus support? Check it out here

The outgoing cabinet has earmarked an extra 8.5 billion euros to cushion the impact of the coronavirus crisis in the educational sector. Students will be compensated, too, but some will get more than others. You can check to find out.

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Campus25 February 2021

'Women should have access to menstrual products at all time'

Those in need of a tampon or pad at the VU can get theirs at Studentendok where recently, a cupboard has been placed with free sanitary products.

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Education25 February 2021

Universities stay closed, VU starts with rapid tests

As was feared, teaching at universities and universities of applied sciences will have to continue largely online for the time being. However, evening practical classes are permitted again, and the higher education sector has been given the green light by the government to ‘prepare’ itself to reopen.

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