Society12 April 2021

Law students file climate complaint against Shell

Nine Master’s students in Law wrote a complaint against a misleading advertisement campaign by Shell. It was submitted to the Advertising Code Committee by Greenpeace NL and Reclame Fossielvrij today.

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Politics01 April 2021

VU student becomes Minister in student cabinet

As of this week there is a Dutch Student Cabinet, complete with a student Prime Minister, ministers representing all Dutch universities, and their own coalition agreement. But what’s the reason behind it? “We are not the voice of students.”

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Internationalization30 March 2021

Chinese scientists at TU Delft use knowledge for national army

Are PhD students and guest researchers from Chinese military universities coming to TU Delft to gain expertise that will strengthen China’s military might? It’s a fear that appears to be well-founded, as the university’s magazine Delta reveals in a series of investigative reports published today.

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VU29 March 2021

Will self-tests save higher education?

Self-test, rapid test, proof of testing, vaccination passport... we hear so many terms these days. So what’s what and what role will they play in opening the doors to higher education again?

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Staff26 March 2021

Unions demand better work-from-home compensation

Current compensation for higher education staff working from home varies widely. Unions want the collective labour agreement to include a standard allowance of two euros per working day, excluding the costs of a home workstation.

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Campus23 March 2021

We are moving to a ring-fenced cloud

If we are to believe the university, digital collaboration is set to become far easier and more secure this year with the switch to Microsoft Teams and the associated cloud storage. But first we have to bite the bullet.

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Politics23 March 2021

Universities remain in lockdown

The higher education sector cannot look forward to any relaxation of anti-Covid measures for the time being. At a weekend meeting, government ministers have decided that universities and universities of applied sciences will remain in lockdown.

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Students18 March 2021

Stickers on campus alter our behavior

If you visit the VU Amsterdam campus, your behavior could be influenced by motivational techniques initiated by students.

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Campus16 March 2021

No Bratwurst for Rector Subramaniam

Student organisations and members of the executive board and people from Student and Educational Affairs got together for some bingo and chit-chat and it was pretty hilarious.

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Students16 March 2021

Tuition fee for new first-years only 542 euro

First-year students will pay only €542 in tuition fees for the next academic year: a quarter of the standard rate. This decision by the Ministry of Education represents almost 100 million euros.

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