Science23 March 2023

How whale poo and artificial clouds might reverse climate change

In a master class at VU Amsterdam, climate expert Sir David King proposed two innovative solutions for climate repair: artificial whale poo and cloud machines.

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Campus15 March 2023

Donated clothes on campus go missing

The Student Clothing Exchange by SRVU is dealing with an unfortunate problem. Clothes from their donation bin have been disappearing, forcing the student union to get rid of the bin altogether.

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Staff02 March 2023

Education minister can only tackle bad employership indirectly

It is ‘embarrassing’ that some researchers and teaching staff have had to string together temporary contracts over a period of twelve years, in the view of Education Minister Robbert Dijkgraaf. But he is not their employer and can only do something about it indirectly.

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Campus02 March 2023

‘Awards gala needs a fresh approach’

VU Amsterdam should take a fresh approach to awards ceremonies such as those at the New Year’s Gala, says Rector Magnificus Jeroen Geurts. “From now on, there will be a greater emphasis on teams.”

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Politics23 February 2023

Politicians fear return of grant will attract more foreign students

The reinstatement of the basic student grant has met with a positive reception from all sides of the House of Representatives.

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Awards16 February 2023

Students nominate journalistic platform for Nobel Peace Prize

Professor Wolfgang Wagner and his students have nominated the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Housing14 February 2023

At least 338 international students lack housing

Of the 1363 international VU students who filled in a survey by the International Office, 338 of them do not have a stable housing situation. That is a quarter of them.

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Science09 February 2023

'Without collaboration with businesses, you miss out on many opportunities'

To get funding, researchers have to collaborate a lot: with one another, with companies and also internationally. During a Dutch Research Council (NWO) meeting it became evident that this can lead to all sorts of problems, but still: “There’s enough money for everyone.”

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Internationalization09 February 2023

House wants Dutch as language of instruction for undergraduate courses

Should Dutch be the language of instruction in all Bachelor’s degree programmes? The House of Representatives voted on a series of motions designed to curb the internationalisation of higher education.

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Society02 February 2023

‘Minister hampers refugees’ right to education’

Education Minister Robbert Dijkgraaf makes refugee students pay many thousands of euros more in tuition fees than Dutch students. He is hampering their right to education, according to a national support centre for people without documents.

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