Education22 October 2021

Inspectorate of Education is concerned about freedom on campus

Higher education should also focus on ethical and social questions. But is that actually being done? The Inspectorate of Education is concerned about this and is going to conduct further research.

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Internationalization21 October 2021

Fear of China dominates meeting on international collaboration

Security interests need to carry more weight when deciding on whether collaborative research with China is possible, experts feel. So give us some guidelines, universities have told the House of Representatives.

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Students21 October 2021

'COVID pass easier for international students'

It is still tricky for international students from outside the EU to get hold of a COVID pass. Minister De Jonge wants to make it a bit easier for them.

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Society14 October 2021

Universities show teeth at threats and intimidation

In the battle against threats and intimidation experienced by academics, the Dutch universities are jointly setting up a reporting and advice centre: WetenschapVeilig. They also intend filing police reports more often.

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Housing13 October 2021

Homeless students receive new housing opportunities

Protesting students without a home were initially very disappointed with the response of VU Amsterdam, but a second protest has been called off for the time being.

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Students12 October 2021

Shortage of student accommodation surges

In a single year’s time the shortage of student accommodation has leapt by 4,500 places to a total of 26,500.

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Science12 October 2021

Controversial DNA testing? Address the ethical issues

Dutch and Chinese researchers have been working together in recent years to develop controversial DNA databanks.

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Internationalization30 September 2021

International students have difficulty getting COVID pass

International students from outside the EU get bogged down in red tape when they try to get hold of the COVID pass that is mandatory in the Netherlands.

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Housing23 September 2021

‘VU should take its responsibility for homeless students’

The SRVU student union will protest on campus because there are hundreds of students without a room, especially internationals.

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Campus16 September 2021

'Arabic' instructions in VU buildings miss the mark

Throughout the VU Amsterdam buildings, about a thousand stickers urge people in multiple languages to keep their distance.

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