Education15 July 2021

Coronavirus: dark clouds threaten new academic year

The number of coronavirus infections has risen sharply and the Dutch government is now rowing back its relaxation of certain measures. The new academic year may be looking less rosy than had been hoped.

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Science13 July 2021

51 percent of scientists sometimes cheat with research

Half of all scientists are occasionally guilty of dubious research practices. Even fabrication or manipulation of research results is a regular occurrence.

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Education13 July 2021

The plans to combat work pressure are not sufficient

The universities are coming up with all kinds of plans to combat work pressure, says the Labour Inspectorate, but they will probably not be sufficiently helpful. In addition, very little attention is being paid to undesirable behaviour and discrimination.

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Education09 July 2021

Budget cut is scrapped and back to face-to-face teaching

On the eve of the summer recess the House of Representatives took a decision on a number of issues.

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Campus07 July 2021

Students reclaim the campus during week of workshops

Finally they can be on campus and get a taste of it. About 150 bachelor’s students are roaming VU Amsterdam this week for workshop program Reclaim the Campus. For some it marks their return, for others it’s one of their first visits. “I finally feel like a proper member of this university.”

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Staff01 July 2021

Employee organisations demand better approach to social safety

Investigations into bullying, abuse of power, intimidation and sexual harassment at Dutch universities should not be outsourced to external companies, declare protest group WOinActie and trade unions AOb and FNV.

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Staff01 July 2021

Postdocs are left behind in the new collective labour agreement

In the new collective labour agreement (CAO) for universities, reducing the number of temporary contracts is a major issue. Assistant professors in particular will benefit from this development. However, postdoctoral researchers will be no better off.

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Science29 June 2021

Debate on harassment: 'It's even worse for young scientists and women'

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences KNAW held an online debate last night on the harassment of scientists and academics. “When pictures of your children are posted online, it comes very close to home.”

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Education29 June 2021

Higher education does not want to take coronavirus into account, but it must

The Dutch higher education sector is not keen to have to devise two different scenarios for the coming academic year. Yet universities are preparing for new setbacks in the coronavirus crisis.

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Campus25 June 2021

Covid-19 cost VU Amsterdam 12 million euros last year

VU Amsterdam closed the year 2020 with a positive balance of €24 million, €16 million higher than budgeted. But still the university did not make a profit, says board member Marcel Nollen.

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