Housing04 October 2021

Homelessness throws students’ lives into disarray

LONGREAD - As the housing crisis in Amsterdam continues to unfold, the academic lives of potentially hundreds of students are in jeopardy as they spend their days worrying about where they will sleep. At least one international student has already quit and went back home because he couldn’t find a room.

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Students21 September 2021

Quarantine at Uilenstede: ‘It felt like each day would never end’

LONGREAD - Studying abroad can be an isolating experience, especially when you’re literally isolated to comply with the quarantine rules of the Netherlands. Three VU students share their quarantine struggles.

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ICT21 September 2021

‘Frankly, we did not foresee such a setback’

LONGREAD - VU Amsterdam finds itself in deep water after a failed effort to replace several IT systems. An outright drama, some staff are calling it. But not Marcel Nollen. The Executive Board member is confident things will work out.

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Internationalization13 September 2021

‘I always become a little bit Chinese when someone attacks China’

LONGREAD - The West suffers from Chinaphobia and VU Amsterdam lecturer Peter Peverelli believes that is unwarranted. He is co-author of a book intended to counterbalance all this negative publicity.

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Rosanne Anholt Staff09 September 2021

‘I sat on the floor and cried’

LONGREAD - The work of PhD student Rosanne Anholt consisted of a patchwork of projects. She barely had time for her own research. Eventually the pressure took its toll.

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Students08 September 2021

What they don’t tell you about the Netherlands

So you came to the Netherlands, but life here is a little different from what you’ve seen in the ad campaigns and movies.

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Society01 September 2021

‘Netherlands apparently places little value on Afghan lives’

The Netherlands is abandoning the people of Afghanistan, according to two Afghan VU students. The Dutch government’s negligence has left them feeling bitter. “We’ve been betrayed, plain and simple.”

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Students31 August 2021

‘I did not feel very heard’

It took master student and student assistant at debate center 3D Nehal Saba (22) quite some time to settle in last year. The Palestinian student lived in Romania until moving to the UK in 2017.

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Campus26 August 2021

‘You never switch to the cloud for its security features’

LONGREAD - VU Amsterdam is currently migrating all employee and student data to the Microsoft cloud. Yes, that’s right: the same company whose email servers (Exchange) were hacked earlier this year, with disastrous consequences. So, how safe will our VU data be in the near future?

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Students08 July 2021

‘I had to take 8 paracetamols per day’

Students are generally less vulnerable to the coronavirus, but what happens to the students who do experience severe symptoms?

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