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For our council, internationalisation is extremely topical now. International students are increasingly being put under the scope of the Dutch government as the government now begins to consider the wider implications of the high amount of international students who are accepted at universities such as VU Amsterdam.

He arrives with a smile and a cheerful “Good afternoon!” The wrinkled shirt on his coffee stained jeans gives him a bit of a sloppy impression. We sit down.

Flavia Ercoli joined the Student Wellbeing Point in December after moving to the Netherlands from Germany to study psychology.

“A lot of people don’t know what I do when I tell them I study anthropology. It is not as well known as other studies.

In the letter that the VU sent to all its employees at home in December, I read the following sentence: 'because with a new IT infrastructure we are better equipped for the demands of the future'.

On June 12, 2020, Vrije Universiteit issued a statement in response to the Black Lives Matter-movement and the widespread debate on racism and discrimination.

Have you always dreamed of being the brains behind a superhero? Now is your chance!

“I am at the university right now because I just had an on-campus class. It went great.

I borrowed a race bike from my housemate, met with a friend at an appropriate distance, and together we got out of dodge.