Out of the negative spiral

I am sitting behind my laptop, doing coordination work for GGD Twente. I switch to this document at times when the work is quieter.lees meer

My Safety Net

Writing this blog was tricky for me as I was not sure if I want to talk about myself and the things that I was going through.lees meer

VU, strengthen our community

How do we get through this lockdown? Everyone does it in their own way. Some people sleep through the night, others want to be outside a lot and meet up with friends.lees meer

Make your world bigger

After the Christmas break, I feel rested and recharged with new energy. I went into the new year full of good courage.lees meer

Show each other that you're there, that you care

Studying at the VU as an international poses many challenges—beyond the actual studying itself.lees meer

Homage to the associations

In these times of crisis and working from home, it turns out to be extremely difficult to get in touch with the residents of the campus, our students.lees meer

Make room for your own happiness

While writing this blog, I am sitting on the couch, I realise that the deadline for the blog is tomorrow. How come I overlooked that?lees meer

Take care of the silent student

It is Monday and the work week has officially started up again. However, that's not how it feels because everything is digital and e-mails and messages are flooding in all the time. lees meer

We are the beginning of the solution

The song starts with “Neler oluyor hayatta?” In English, this sentence means “What is happening in life?” and it brings me back to my house in İzmir to a hot summer night where my parents and I arelees meer

Zoom out

Currently, there is a political emphasis on our young people to stick to the measures. This gives quite a bitter aftertaste.lees meer

Not back to normal, but to better

The academic year has started and it feels weird. I walk into the main building of the VU and head directly towards the Studentend0k.lees meer

Looking for a professional interpreter

The new academic year is right around the corner. That means a brand new USR! Soukaina and I decided to do a second term.lees meer


Members of the university student council write in their personal capacity.