Please give me a Role Model-Nell!

With International Women's Day in sight next month, we will once again focus on gender inequalities in our society. But how long do we have to pay attention until it makes a difference ?!lees meer


You know what I find so irritating about you? That sometimes you pretend to understand something when you don't.lees meer

1 million bi+ people... but where?

One million Dutch people are ‘bi+’ according to lees meer

Hearing the Third Voice

With the ongoing current debates on Black Lives Matter, diversity and inclusion, equality and equity and racism and discrimination in education, the field social sciences has proven to be very vivid. lees meer

A bit more nuance please

Six weeks ago I wrote a column about quality and diversity and mentioned the issue of privilege.lees meer

White youths in Black Lives Matter

In the middle of the first peak of the Corona outbreak, our daughter casually reported that she was going to demonstrate on Dam Square against the murder of George Floyd. lees meer

Everyone: come out for equality (and read an LGBTIQA+-book)

“When did you know you were straight?” Each day I literally pause at this question: it is stuck to the traffic light I pass on my daily bike ride home from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.lees meer

Quality through diversity

Not everybody is too happy with diversity policies.lees meer


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