25 May 2022

Weekend Stress

Bart joined The Student Wellbeing Point (SWP) in November, eager and driven to support fellow students with prioritizing their own mental wellbeing. During the pandemic he realized how long he’s neglected his own mental wellbeing, especially in these difficult times. His awareness of the constant struggle in putting your wellbeing first helps him empathize and connect with fellow students.

It's Friday afternoon, almost the weekend: many students look forward to this every week. But there is also a group of students who are dreading it all week long, those lonely, long, boring and difficult Saturdays and Sundays. The prospect of the weekend may prompt them to seek help just before. Yet a last-minute appointment with the Student Psychological Counsellor or Student Dean just before the weekend is not feasible. This makes the Friday afternoon shift of the Student Wellbeing Point extra important and valuable. During such a shift, I meet with a student who is struggling with financial, emotional, and family-related issues. I make sure the student feels welcome, comfortable, and heard, but am overwhelmed by the scope and intensity of her problems. At the same time, I am relieved for her that she has found us. So I try to do everything I can to help her no matter what. I wish I were able to solve all her problems, but this is beyond my power.

The goal of SWP student workers, known as Point Peers, is to help students by listening to them, validating their emotions, and providing tools to take next steps. Nevertheless, the student in question does consider the Student Wellbeing Point to be a last resort for their problems. Unfortunately, Point Peers can offer few concrete tools on such short notice, especially when students report just before the weekend. Therefore, do not wait too long if you are not feeling well, we are available for you from Monday morning to Friday afternoon from 10am to 4pm.

If you can't make it on weekdays, please contact De Luisterlijn, available for you 24/7 by offering a listening ear, both online and by phone.

Tip: Don't feel burdened to tell friends and family when something is bothering you. No matter how difficult it is to ask for help, realize that your friends and family are there to listen and assist you, especially in times when you need it the most.

Bart did not want to mention his last name for personal reasons.



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