31 August 2021

Together we can flourish

Together we are entering a new academic year in which we can make the bond between art, philosophy, management and science and the bond with each other stronger than ever. After uncertain times due to the pandemic, which has had a significant impact on our lives, we will ensure that we stay connected. In both physical and online education, we - as students – can continue to develop ourselves. Together we can flourish.

The new academic year has now arrived for us, and on behalf of the student council, I would like to welcome everyone to the Vrije Universiteit, an educational institution that is praised for its broad spectrum of knowledge, diversity, and unity. This year will be memorable for all students: we are in the transition to return to physical education.

My name is Asmaa Elhassan, the chair of the university student council of the VU. Ever since 1999, the student council has done its best every year to make this university a pleasant place for students and employees. I have applied for the student council because I think it is essential to represent you and stand up for all your interests. I enjoy working with fellow council members to create a pleasant study environment for everyone.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a tough time for all of us. Suddenly our way of life changed drastically, and that brought with it many uncertainties. Even now, the relaxations may cause difficulties for some students. Therefore, it is important that all students communicate as effectively as possible so that we can make education as optimal as possible, taking into account the students' interests.
We see it as our task to make the transition to physical education as efficient and safe as possible for everyone.

Let's enjoy studying together

As the new student council, we already have several plans, such as innovating our study programs and increasing the range of education offered. We also want to work on strengthening communication between students, associations, faculties and the university. In addition, we at the VU aim to create an even more sustainable environment. Moreover, we strive to be able to follow lectures at the VU in the physical company of each other as much as possible. So that new connections, collaborations and friendships can arise.

My advice to all freshmen is to enjoy the experience of studying here. Make use of your student days to develop yourself during this period in addition to your studies, for example, through the use of the extracurricular activities and opportunities that VU has to offer, to broaden your horizon.
Let's all make it a pleasant, safe, and above all, a great year. Let's enjoy studying together.
I wish everyone a good academic year. Carpe diem.

Asmaa Elhassan
Chair university student council 21/22


Asmaa Elhassan



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