16 March 2022

My council work even takes me to Iceland

Why did I join the University Student Council in the first place? Well, I've always been interested in what happens behind the scenes of organizations. As a student you are really only interested in your lectures, but so much more happens at a university. Think of all the researchers who work very hard for our knowledge, the timetablers who try to plan carefully all the lectures of the whole university, all the cleaners who make sure the university is always clean and of course the Board of Governors the people who are responsible for the whole university.

'I'm going to work on a student council handbook'

I wanted to get a view of the interesting academic world. In the student council I was able to join the portfolio strategic decision team, in it we discuss everything that is going on. As an average student, I found it quite strange to experience that I have a say in what goes on in such a huge organization.
I also developed a lot of skills that I didn't have before joining the student council and I made some great friends. Because you work with each other a lot, you really get to know a lot of people. And that's something I love about this council.
This week I'm even going to Iceland with USR president Asmaa Elhassan to work on a student council handbook for Aurora. That's a consortium of nine European universities, including the VU. Aurora works mainly on the social impact and civic engagement of university communities. This is something I am really looking forward to, also because traveling is one of my hobbies.

Looking back on the time I have spent with the council so far, I am very glad that I stood for election to this last year. It is unfortunate that we had to experience half a corona year. In retrospect, it was also a challenge for us, in which we were able to grow as individuals.

I hope I was able to convince all of you to run for University Student Council, because I can promise you that it is not something you will regret.

The elections are coming up and you can sign up on March 21 and 22. So sign up, because I wish you as wonderful and interesting a year at VU as I have now.

Abdul Malik

general council member

Abdul Malik



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