17 January 2022

‘I don’t understand why people in the Netherlands are so hesitant to wear masks’

“At the moment I am back home in Mumbai. I came here to spend the Christmas break with my family, but since all classes are online due to the new lockdown, I decided to stay here until the end of January. I enjoy being back home, I finally have some time to relax. Period 2 was quite challenging, so this was a much-needed break. In the Netherlands I am never alone; I have my friends and roommates around me. Here I have finally time by myself. I have watched some Netflix, just relaxed and walked around by myself. At night it is really beautiful and peaceful, with the yellow light shining on the water. It’s weird, what was once my home now feels like a vacation.

‘In India, you see masks everywhere’

Christmas was quiet, I spend it with family and we stayed indoors. The covid-measures have been strict the past few months, so we couldn’t do a lot. Now the schools are just opening up, so it is getting better.

In India, you see masks everywhere. The policy is to wear a mask as soon as you step out of your house. I think this is a society that just does what the government wants us to do. I also think that it is better to wear a mask than to have high covid-rates, especially in a city like Mumbai. I don’t understand why people in the Netherlands are so hesitant to wear masks, it is a small offer that saves lives. I guess people feel like the government tries to control them. But I don’t think masks are that bad, you save yourself and others by wearing one.

I just started online class again. It is challenging to balance time between school and being with family, luckily the time difference is not that bad, I usually end class at 9 PM. I plan to be back by period 4, but if the classes stay online, I might also stay here for a few more weeks. Although I also think it is a shame to stay here, since I signed up for an international experience. And I pay for my room in Amsterdam, so I might as well be there.”



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