Internationalization04 May 2021

Internationals still want to study here, but not in online classes

Higher education in the Netherlands remains popular among foreign students, according to Dutch internationalisation agency Nuffic. International students still very much want to come here, but not for online lectures and seminars…

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blog04 May 2021

Without Jeannetta we are nowhere

Writing a blog is one of the USR tasks that isn’t a priority to me. All new tasks always take priority over this one, oops! For this reason, this deadline was not on my mind.

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nieuwelichting03 May 2021

'Right now, all I ask for is the campus to be open'

“I am at the university right now because I just had an on-campus class. It went great. Initially we were with two groups, but there weren’t enough people since some people were quarantined or in another country.

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