Science17 March 2023

Will the fungus from The Last of Us turn us into zombies?

In the thrilling plot of the hit series The Last of Us, a fungus infects humans and turns them into zombies. Mycologist Vasilis Kokkoris sheds light on how realistic this scenario is.

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blog20 March 2023

Addressing sexual harassment

Sexual misconduct is one of the most pressing issues on campus. Simply put, it's time that we, as an institution, open an eye to the uncomfortable truths. It can take many forms, such as sexual harassment, assault, and rape.

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Students16 March 2023

VU gamers unite to compete in Dutch Student League

The idea of having VU Amsterdam compete in the Dutch Student League (DSL) came from finance student Ferdi Kabak. He organizes campus events in 3D and asked around if anyone was interested in competing in the tournament.

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