The Old Normal?

As this semester comes to end, I find myself reflecting on the research I have done during my time at the VU.lees meer

Harder to Keep Busy

For me, just keeping busy is the best way to deal with the monotony and long periods of isolation. However, I’m finding that harder and harder to do. lees meer

Online in the Age of Corona

I’ve been “attending” my online classes with a mix of joy and annoyance. Since the school closures there has been a lot of adjusting for students and staff alike.lees meer

Lighting and Rain

The storm Ciara was the first time I have seen and heard lighting since I moved here, it is so odd to take something so minor for granted as assuming lighting and thunder always accompanied rain; tlees meer

World War 3?

There are few moments in my life in which I felt such poignant dread.lees meer

'Come Here, Go Far'

The University of Texas San Antonio has a slogan: Come Here, Go Far.lees meer

Old and New Traditions

This is the first year I will miss Thanksgiving with my family. For many Americans, Thanksgiving is the second most “gezellig” holiday after Christmas.lees meer

From SAT to AMS and GVB to NS

One of the things that strikes me everyday in The Netherlands is the infrastructure. lees meer

In het Nederlands...

I’ve been feeling like a bit of a spy lately, or maybe just the nosiest person in the world. I often pretend to scroll around on my phone while listening intently on my targets.lees meer


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