07 april 2020

Online in the Age of Corona

I’ve been “attending” my online classes with a mix of joy and annoyance. Since the school closures there has been a lot of adjusting for students and staff alike. I know the staff are trying their best but I do miss the human to human interaction. I find that the face to face interaction simply cannot be replicated in my Dutch language course. Similar issues pop up in my other class. In my cultural history course, the network lagged almost as if on cue when I began speaking. Though, not all the problems are technological. 

I also find myself extremely distracted through the news of the coronavirus finally making its way to my hometown back in Texas. With such worries, I sometimes feel as if I am acting - trying to be stoic for myself and for others; holding back thoughts which are constantly running in the back of my head - forcing and feigning enthusiasm. 

I find myself distracted through the news of the coronavirus finally making its way to my hometown

I know what it is like teaching these online classes - in my old job we called it “distance learning” - so I know how disheartening it can be when it looks like students are not paying attention. The feeling that you’re just talking to yourself - which, honestly, isn’t too bad when you’re being paid for it. However, this time, I’m on the opposite side. 

It is not all bad. My online classes have become an oasis of sanity and normalcy. The regular schedule and meeting times helps keep the days from blurring together.


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