25 mei 2021

The Guardian of Peace has Disappeared

Our guardian has not been seen since last night, the 12th of February. It has been exactly 5 hours, 23 minutes and 45 seconds since our hero was last seen. Has he left us forever?

His latest task was to have peace talks with Australia and South Africa, who were fighting over the rights to host the Superhero Congress of 2045. This talk was obviously successful. Afterwards the guardian was supposed to show up in Germany to speak about the recently escaped convict from the world prison. He never showed.

This ‘message from the future’ is written by a student of VU Amsterdam, as an assignment in the A Broader Mind course. The interdisciplinary course focuses on personal development and involvement with complex social challenges like poverty, sustainability and the digital world. This series is about genetic modification.

No signs of struggle

No message was left behind and there are no signs of struggle in any of his usual bases. We have spoken to his team and received the following statement: ‘Please don’t worry, we are sure this is just a misunderstanding and he is going to be found in just a moment.’ Yet this message doesn’t seem to resonate with the millions of people who descended into chaos since the start of this situation.

Around the world we have already had 234.000 robberies and 56.348 murders. If we do not find him soon, we might just see the end of world peace.

Noa Vrinzen


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