10 mei 2021

Airline companies and flying humans are preparing for war

The tension between airline companies and flying humans continues to increase. Airfrance, Delta Airlines and many more airline companies are fed up with flying humans.

This ‘messages from the future’ is written by a student of VU Amsterdam, as an assignment in the A Broader Mind course. The interdisciplinary course focuses on personal development and involvement with complex social challenges like poverty, sustainability and the digital world. This series is about genetic modification.

Airfrance director Anne Marie Couderc now addresses her concerns about the numerous fatal accidents that occurred in the past 7 years: “It is a known fact that as of now, there are roughly 250 million flying humans flying above the EU every day. Unfortunately, day after day I receive reports of accidents between airplanes and flying humans, with 5 percent being fatal.”

5 years ago, airline companies and the Flying Human Organization (FHO) came together in Brussels for an attempt to come to an agreement regarding the airspace. However, both parties refused to make concessions and the week in Brussels ended up being a failure.


With the rise of more and more flying humans, accidents keep happening. FHO spokesperson Andrea Magnifique has turned a blind eye to the airline companies reaching out to her.

Flying humans like Clark Kent are afraid that negotiations with airline companies will only lead to flying humans being disadvantaged. Clark: “Even though flying humans contribute to improvement of the environment, traveling by plane is still very popular and considered convenient among citizens. Because of this, I’m afraid that flying humans won’t receive enough support and recognition.”

Not only Clark, but many other flying humans are preparing for the worst outcome. Clark: ‘If airline companies won’t come with reasonable concessions, I’m afraid this conflict will end up with both parties going to war.’’

Tess Chin


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